Music from the WRUV robots.

Not4Prophet Radio

with Richard Haggerty


Good Alibi

with Jane Doe

EVERYTHING in the realm of Dance Music with some Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop and International

La machine

with Blue

Spaghetti fight

Gettin' Jiggy With It

with lil Peanut

Chill electronic, funk, jazz, reggae, and most genres in between

Lost In Music

with DJ Gabe

A smoothie of genres, blended to perfection!

The Fleamarket

with DJ Dirtkid

Some of the more nostalgic, quirky, and atmospheric finds on the market

We Love Radio

with Big Dog


In The Mix

with DJ Sloth

I play all things heavy, loud, and weird.

Sat 2am-4am

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

Sat 4am-6am

- graveyard shift II -

what you hear is what you get