AWOL Thu 6am-9am

Music from the WRUV robots.


with ISA

Alt-Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop, R&B, Jazz

monsters on maple

with dj Soph

lil bit of everything but a whole lotta funk

grey matter/ The kitchen sink

with MORPHOS/ Luna

DJ Kate Magee

Indie Rock, Rock

Streets Ahead

with The Trill Detective

From Burlington to Busan and Beyond

snacc time/ The Ghoul Kids Club

with DJ Nikkelodeon/DJ EMCON

everything & anything under the sun (but mostly indie, EDM and R&B)

The Fabric Shop

with DJ Denim

A nonsensical array of hip hop, metal, shoegaze, and whatever else is on my mind

AWOL Thu midnight-2am

Music from the WRUV robots.

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

Undercover Lover

with DJ Sacremento

2 hrs of lovelystrange cover songs tending towards the ska, the cello & the noise.