Satellite Chatter

with DJ Pluto

Tunes that are out of this world


Music from the WRUV robots.

Super Select Radio

with Svpply

Future Beats

The Kitchen Sink / ken's korner

with Luna / dj ken

everything but, and more / come on down to ken's korner & groove with the kool kids

Boricua Van

with JAH RED


Grab Your Washboard, Cletus

with DJ GoldenBoy

Folk, Rock, Americana, etc.

Sunnyside Up

with Chickdeejay / free range chicken


Songs to Sleep to

with DJ Benadryl


kiwi time

with dj placid pat

soft melodic indie rock/pop to fall in and out of sleep to.

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

- graveyard shift II -

what you hear is what you get