Become a DJ

Do you have what it takes?

Familiarity with radio broadcasting is not necessary to become a DJ. One of our main goals is to provide UVM students and community members with the chance to immerse themselves in the field of communications.

Also, you need not be a UVM student to join WRUV. If you enjoy radio and would like to become a DJ or simply learn more about radio broadcasting, contact us for more information.

Requirements for becoming a WRUV DJ

  1. 1. Come to a training session and sign up.
  2. 2. Get trained in station rules and FCC etiquette (provided by our staff).
  3. 3. Produce a demo tape of a typical show that you hope to broadcast.
  4. 4. Complete a quiz regarding the training you received.
  5. 5. If the staff approves, broadcast in the graveyard shift (~12-2 am, 2-4am or 4-6am) for one semester.

Now that you’re a fully matured DJ, each broadcast semester (Spring, Fall, Summer), you fill out a show request form, stating why you believe you deserve a show for the particular semester and what type of programming your show will offer.

WRUV thrives on the depth of musical types it provides. The show request form is one way that WRUV maintains this musical variety.