Sick Sad World

with DJ Avocet

A mix of music + interviews with people involved in STEM

The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa

with Laima


Chirp Talk

with DJ Magpie

Indie Alternative/New Music

My Car, My Tunes

with DJ Kook

A musical pot of gumbo

sidewalk chalk

with saz

a mix of everything

Snack Time

with Pancakes

Dark Energy with syrupy grooves

Jam and a Half

with Yosemite Sam


Bangers & Mash

with Chef Coop

Whatever ingredients are freshest with a little extra sauce, usually urban, alternative, or EDM

The Juicebox

with DJ Criss Cross

Old school hip-hop, reggae, electronic, rock n' roll, and other assorted jams

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

- graveyard shift II -

what you hear is what you get