Music from the WRUV robots.

Our Intent is All for Your Delight / The Kitchen Sink / The Glacial Retreat

Dan / DJ Luna / Holocene

The Inkwell

with Chai

Angsty teen music with a touch of shoegaze, experimental, and indie

Moccasin Tracks

with Deb Reger

Native American/Original Peoples Music, Interviews and Native Rights Solidarity

osculate / Gardening Tips

with DJ ChillChilla / Lil Sprout

songs that passersby would star in the music videos of / Trap & House & Jazz & ... Poetry?

Sunnyside Up

with Free Range Chicken/ Infinite


Lucid Dreaming

with dj stella

lush dream pop you can wrap around yourself like a blanket

Indigo Airwaves / the spice market

with conscious Li / lil turk

conscious hip hop, lo-fi beats, reggae and indie rock / lotta lotta different flavors

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

- graveyard shift II -

what you hear is what you get