Surround(ing) Sounds

with DJ Armadillo

shoegaze, dreampop, synthwave, alt hip-hop...and a little bit of everything else


Music from the WRUV robots.

Baby Makin' Music

with DJ mae

a thick slab of sultry soul

Assorted Fruits

with DJ Pebbles

Rock, Urban, Electronic, and most everything in between

Gardening Tips / Honey Beets

with lil sprout / DJ Dupa

earth tones

Squawkin' Good Radio

with McSquawk

New music and squawkin' good tunes of all kinds

Bangers & Mash

with Chef Coop

Whatever ingredients are freshest, usually urban, alternative, or EDM

Overlap Lounge

with DJ Gabe

Everything you need to get that booty rumping!

- graveyard shift I -

what you hear is what you get

- graveyard shift II -

what you hear is what you get