DJ of the Month

DJ of the Month: Joey

DJ of the Month: Joey

Well-deserved after his persistent dedication!

What brought you to WRUV?

I grew up in a town not far from UVM, close enough to be in the station’s broadcast range. It was probably when I started high school that my older sister – who was also a WRUV DJ in the past – introduced me to 90.1, and showed me that there was a whole lot more music than just The Smashing Pumpkin’s greatest hits. I remember listening in for the first time, and hearing this odd but gorgeous song by a band called The Books (it was ‘All Our Base Are Belong to Them’, and it’s still one of my favorites). I was hooked after that. And so, in my freshman year at the university, I showed up to the very first training session.

Tell us about your show– what do you talk about/what kind of music do you play*

I’ve had all kinds of shows; my last one was called “Midnight Snacks,” which was a late night slot I picked up as an excuse to explore a more, what you might call, sensual genre. It might have been a little out of my comfort zone, but it really was a lot of fun… it also gave me a chance to work on my sweet & sultry radio voice.

But, otherwise, the majority of my time on air is during “Oh Geez, Oh Gosh.” It’s a bit of a mess, but I try to play mostly DIY stuff; lo-fi, self-released artists and music that otherwise sounds like it was recorded in someone’s bathroom. I’m a sucker for those fuzzy homemade ditties.

Where did you get your show name?

A long time ago, I made a mix CD for a girl… but I never ended up giving it to her. I scribbled “oh geez, oh gosh” on the front, slipped it into a paper sleeve, and left it in my car where it still lives to this day.

In my defense, it’s a sick mix.

What do you like to do besides being a DJ?

I recently got my hands on an old film camera, which has been a lot of fun to tinker with. It’s given me a nice excuse to explore areas of Burlington I’d otherwise never see. It’s also been kind of expensive. Otherwise, when I’m not waiting tables or riding my bike, I’ll go on hikes with my dog and try not to get lost.

Thank you Joey!!

The Serial Chiller

July 15th, 2015

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