Meet the Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board

Name: Jake M. Ladue

DJ Name: Jake The Jam Man

Name/Time of show: The Contemporary Corner/Friday 4PM-6PM

EB Position: Music Director

Position responsibilities: To curate the WRUV Music Library, to be a liason between the radio station and record labels/record promotion companies/bands, to do weekly charting of our top spins

Q: What brought you to WRUV?
A: The community, and my overall love for music.

Q: Why did you join the executive board?
A: I knew that I was the most qualified person for the job, and I knew that I could perform the tasks at hand to a favorable degree.

Q: What is your favourite part about your job?
A: Listening to all of the wonderful music we get at the station, and curating the airwaves!

Q: What has WRUV done for you?
A: WRUV has given me a home away from home on UVM campus, and gives me a place where I can geek out about music and people actually want to hear about it.

Q: What type of music do you play?
A: I play all music that is contemporary and fantastic to silence the music elitists out there. If it was released before the year 2000, I do not play it!

Q: Does pineapple go on pizza?
A: Personally, I am not the biggest fan of Hawaiian pizzas, as I prefer more unique specialty pizzas, but if people like pineapple on their pizza, then who cares? You should never yuck someone else’s yums.

Social Media Director

October 22nd, 2016

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