Meet the Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board

Name: Tate Kamish

DJ Name: dj liz

Name/Time of show: my dog is a person too/ Friday 2-4 PM

EB Position: Events Director

Position responsibilities: Reaching out to local and touring bands to put on WRUV sponsored concerts and events, working with PR and Fundraising Directors to coordinate events that will benefit the station, updating the website with concerts happening in the BTV area, maintaining positive relationships with various venues and promoters within the community

Q: What brought you to WRUV?
A: The babes

Q: Why did you join the executive board?
A: As a music-lover, I go to a lot of concerts and music-related events. I joined the EB to gain experience on the production side of things. I also saw it as an opportunity to get more involved in the music community.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?
A: Definitely connecting with touring artists to try and organize interviews and events. Even when things don’t work out, it’s still fun just talking to them. I have also made a lot of great friends who I can geek out over music with.

Q: What has WRUV done for you?
A: It has given me a platform *other than the aux chord in a friend’s car* through which to share my passion for music with others, public speaking, time management, and professional writing skills, plus tickets to cool shows

Q: What type of music do you play?
A: A smorgasbord of mp3s

Q: Does pineapple go on pizza?
A: Only on Wednesdays

Social Media Director

October 5th, 2016

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