Meet the Executive Board

Meet the Executive Board

Name: Gabby Battaglia

DJ Name: DJ Luna

Name/Time of show: Space jams/Wednesday’s 4-5pm

EB Position: Fundraising director

Position responsibilities: To work with other Executive Board and staff members to organize projects aimed at raising income to supplement our SGA budget.. Responsible for alumni relations, the alumni newsletter, and alumni fundraising.

Q: What brought you to WRUV?
A: Like everyone else, I love music of course, and wanted to meet people that were just as obsessed as me. I wanted the opportunity to be able to talk about music for ridiculous amounts of time. And after doing my graveyards, I fell in love with being on air and knew I had to stick with it.

Q: Why did you join the executive board?
A: I loved being a DJ so much that I wanted to get more involved at the station. Originally I was a bit apprehensive about taking on so much responsibility, as I was still a freshman when I joined, but seeing how much the EB has accomplished since I’ve been a member makes it so worth it.

Q: What is your favourite part about your job?
A: I love working with everyone. I love all the EB members, and my job requires me to work with them a lot. I also get to interact with a lot of other DJs which is really fun. And I make us that ca$h monayyyyy.

Q: What has WRUV done for you?
A: WRUV has done so much for me. It has introduced me to so many incredible people, including some of my good friends. I’ve also discovered so much amazing music that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s made it much easier for me to get involved in the local live music scene, and given me the opportunity to interact with some incredibly talented musicians and work some really cool events.

Q: What type of music do you play?
A: I play a pretty wide variety, it really depends on what mood I’m in that day. Usually some of my show is jam/funk/bluegrass. Then the rest is any sort of alternative or indie pop or rock, with some emo thrown in there when I’m feeling super angsty.

Q: Does pineapple go on pizza?
A: Absolutely not.

Social Media Director

October 1st, 2016

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