DJ Q&A with DJ Llu

DJ Q&A with DJ Llu

Q: Did you listen to any music artists growing up that continue to influence your taste in music today?
A: Despite being a 90s kid, coming into my tween and angsty teen years right when political hip-hop and punk/riot grrl was becoming popular (which I listened to both genres a lot), it was actually the Beatles who built my foundation. My dad was a big fan and I owned nearly every album on cassette tape by the time I got to high school. The great thing about the Beatles is that they are a timeless foundation band — great song writing, catchy hooks, and the basis of pop and rock and roll. Plus, even their sad songs have a upbeat feeling to them. They have all the fixings of why music really hits the soul and are a band I listen to just feel good and sing out loud.

Q: If you could pick one song to be your “theme-song” in a movie about you, what would you pick?
A: U2, “Where the Streets Have No Name.”

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August 25th, 2016

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