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DJ of the Month October 2014: Copho

DJ of the Month October 2014: Copho

What brought you to WRUV?

Radio played a huge part in my own little musical naissance. For my 10th birthday I was gifted a stereo with a tape deck that could record through a tiny mic installed on its front panel. I’d spend hours listening to Boston’s alt rock radio station waiting for a particular song to come on rotation, which I’d record onto a blank tape and proceed with more tracks ripped from the radio or my own CD collection.
In high school I spent most weekends in Boston going to concerts with friends and got eaten up by Boston’s local music scene.
When looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to go somewhere with an established student radio station. I didn’t know much about what was involved in being a DJ, but I knew that I’d be happiest in a community of people who love music.

Tell us about your show– what do you talk about/what kind of music do you play?

I co-host Exposure with Dox on Wednesday’s at 6-8pm. Exposure is dedicated to showcasing local Vermont musicians and hosting live on-air performances. I don’t know the exact history of the show, but I know it’s been a staple at WRUV since at least the 80’s and I’m really proud to be involved!

Where did you get your show name?

Exposure is named after it’s great-great-great-grandmamma, Exposure.

What do you like to do besides being a DJ?

I’m all about riding my bike to mundane or beautiful places, trying to read books that hurt my head a little, people watching over coffee, and listening to music while doing all of the above.

Top 5 songs (of the moment in no particular order) (ask me again tomorrow)

  1. Connan Mockasin – ‘Forever Dolphin Love’
  2. Neutral Milk Hotel – ‘I Will Bury You In Time’
  3. Attic Abasement – ‘Try to Sleep’
  4. Chad VanGaalen – ‘Sara’
  5. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – ‘In Love With Useless…’
  6. Thanks Copho!

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November 1st, 2014

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