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DJ of the Month: Karla! Our Station Manager is kicking April’s butt!

DJ of the Month: Karla! Our Station Manager is kicking April’s butt!

What brought you to WRUV?

My love of making mix CDs for my friends brought me to WRUV. I wanted to make mix CDs for the world, but that was gonna be too expensive and distribution seemed impossible, so here I am, a DJ at Burlington’s better alternative.

Tell us about your show– what do you talk about/what kind of music do you play?

My show is just a mix of whatever I am into that week. I try to stick to similar genres that I like (post-punk, lofi bedroom rock, pop-rock, girls making music, Canadians killin’ it) but sometimes I stray away if I’m really digging something. My co-workers call the type of music I like “Karla-core” (pretty different genres but all still sound similar). I get really flustered when I talk *still* so I try to avoid too many long dialogues.

Where did you get your show name?

My show name just goes along with my DJ name – Aquamarina. I shared a show with my friend, Sadie, last year and she just randomly came up with Aquamarina, so I went with it and kept it after she graduated. Last semester, my show was “In The Fishtank” and this semester it’s “At the Aquarium”, but I decided I didn’t like that a few weeks in so I still call it “In The Fishtank” even though it says something different on the schedule.

What do you like to do besides being a DJ?

When I am not DJing, I am eating cheese or something filled with sugar and likely getting a stomach ache from it. I also watch an embarrassing amount of Netflix (more like, I spend an embarrassing amount of time sleeping through anything I try to watch on Netflix). My current hobby is trying to learn french via an app on my cell phone.


1. Girlpool – American Beauty

2. Elvis Depressedly – Bruises (amethyst)

3. Brazilian Money – Why Am I Still Standing Here?

4. Mitski – Jobless Monday

5. 18+ – All The Time

The Serial Chiller

April 13th, 2015

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