DJ of the Month December 2013: Wayne Tetrick!

DJ of the Month December 2013: Wayne Tetrick!

What brought you to WRUV?

I came to WRUV in the fall of 2010 after seeing a poster saying anyone could be a DJ. I began listening to the radio in South Florida in the late ’60’s and was immediately taken, not only by the music, but, by the voices that came on the air between songs with all sorts of great info and, more importantly, enthusiasm for all the great sounds that were being created and shared. As FM radio grew in the 70’s I was able to hear and love so many diverse and creative people. WRUV reminds me of that time. We play all kinds of music with no boundaries (except those set down by the FCC).

Tell us about your show– what do you talk about/what kind of music do you play?

I like to have guests on to talk from time to time. I bring on members of the UVM community to talk about issues pertaining to the student experience and have brought outside guests who talked about environmental issues. I’m certainly not limited to those topics and going forward I will hope to bring in some guests to talk about art, theatre, politics and whatever else comes to mind. As far as music goes, I play everything from Jazz and Folk (or Americana) and Blues and Urban to Rock. I sprinkle in some international sounds and, not often enough, some classical.

Where did you get your show name?

The name of my show is “The Million Dollar Bash” – sounds and impressions from disparate sources. I took that name from a Bob Dylan song that appears on “The Basement Tapes”. The lyrics of the song ramble all over the place without an apparent theme or thread but after its over you’re left entertained and feeling like something good just happened and you want more of it. I want my show to be like that.

What do you like to do besides being a DJ?

I have been an actor/performer for most of my adult life and outside of work and family I enjoy struggling to play my guitar (been doing that for over 40 years) and searching out new and exciting experiences here in Vermont.

Check out the new Spring schedule to see when Wayne is on air!

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