DJ of the Month!

DJ of the Month!

The DJ of the month is Georgia, or DJ Armadillo! Her show, Surround(ing) Sounds, airs every Wednesday, 6-9am.
A little about her:

What brought you to WRUV?
I’ve always thought being a radio DJ would be a really cool thing to do. My high school had a very small radio club, but I didn’t find out till pretty late on in my high school career, so being able to do radio in college was one of my top priorities. I used to love to make mix CDs for my friends, and being a DJ (for me) is like making playlists for strangers.

Tell us about your show!
My show is called Surround(ing) Sounds, and the idea behind it is to predominately play stuff that has a “wall of sound” feel. Basically, I’m very into genres that use a lot of distortion and reverb like shoegaze and dreampop, and cheesy techno music like synthwave. I try to mix it up though, so I don’t limit my show to any genres in particular.

How did you pick your DJ name?
That was probably the hardest part of my DJ experience thus far haha. I came up with it out of the blue, but I felt that Armadillo flowed pretty nicely with DJ. And upon doing a wiki search I learned that Armadillo actually means “little armoured one” in Spanish, which is kinda representative of my stature and personality.

Tea or coffee?
hmmm…I’m gonna have to go with tea. Coffee is cool for late night crams, but tea is an experience.

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January 30th, 2017

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