Cashmere Cat Rips & Tears @ Higher Ground

Cashmere Cat Rips & Tears @ Higher Ground

Cashmere Cat, the moniker of electronic producer and artist Magnus August Høiberg, presented himself on stage at Higher Ground, casually placed a potted plant beside his soundboard, and began.
Cat set his scene with cascading melodic lines and layered walls of low-frequency sound reminiscent of his early, simple production style.
He quickly grabbed the undeterred attention of the room, moving from songs heavy with features from top names in music to songs from the Mirror Maru EP, the sounds that encouraged his most devoted fans to see him live.
Cashmere Cat seemed out of tune with the energy of his audience, but would be visibly and pleasantly surprised when the reception was positive.
It was almost as if Cat was not performing but rather was presenting his art in its purest form and merely observing its effects.
As the show progressed, he pendulated between musical space and white noise, occasionally dwelling in either extreme just long enough to make the audience noticeably uncomfortable.
Then the power died. Cat’s equipment shut off just as the bass was about to drop and the audience held a collective breath.
At least ten seconds passed before it became apparent that this was not part of the plan. It took personnel about five minutes to fix the problem.
But no one left.
He came back with a remix of “Be My Baby” by Ariana Grande that slapped.
The mood of the room shifted to that of pure delight and admiration and remained as such until the very end.

Reviewed by Rachel O’Neill & Will Cottiss – SM/MD respectively. Both experienced music critics.

Social Media Director

April 27th, 2017

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