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Congrats to Deb Reger, our DJ of the Month for December!

Congrats to Deb Reger, our DJ of the Month for December!

Deb Reger holds a very neat weekly program called “Moccasin Tracks”, that centers around the indigenous people of the Vermont area.  We asked her to tell us more about it and here was her response:
     Moccasin Tracks
     “What brought Moccasin Tracks to WRUV was a continuation of reaching out to the original people in the broadcast area.  We’ve had an opportunity to have Dee BrightStar (Vermont Abenaki) co-host and we are continuing to broadcast a weekly show with interviews, music, art, poetry by Native artists and musicians.  We rebroadcast First Voices Radio ( and other educational shows that feature the indigenous perspective.  With an emphasis of celebrating living culture thru radio as an art form and thru Pacifica Radio Network, we produce a podcast weekly for syndication.
     In our evolving we are learning a little about video and film and have shared some of that work on Tracks.  Look for some collaborations this semester as we  add performances
with radio and film and a Moccasin Tracks lens.  Perhaps we can continue to move with understanding
for a peoples that lived here (so-called Vermont) for 12,000 years and whose descendants have survived
and continue relationship to Mother Earth and the Natural world with Living Culture.   Tune in and listen with your heart
see you on the radio! “
Thanks Deb!

The Serial Chiller

January 1st, 2016

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