Reverend JBONE

Reverend JBONE
David L. Jarvis
Show Name
Sound And Fury
Punk and Local

David L. Jarvis has been writing performing, producing and recording music for several years. He is a voting member of the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF RECORDING ARTS AND SCIENCES (THE GRAMMY AWARDS). David was invited into the academy in 1997 after one of the songs he had recorded (“Papertrain”) for an indie label, got picked up by MTV’s “Road Rules” and placed in the soundtrack of one of the episodes. David was able to achieve voting member status at the academy by having-not the 6 required number of commercial releases-but over 17 in the course of ten years! David has secured regional radio airplay throughout the east coast of the United States, and has toured the east coast with bands like The Fags (Gogol Bordello) for both Cargo records and Alternative Tentacles(of Dead Kennedy’s fame). David has recorded for several other indie labels such as: Big Heavy World and Good Citizen Records out of Burlington Vermont (With Cranial Perch and his solo band The D. Jarvis Band), and his own recording studio/ indie record label:”Legit Pop Records”. When he is not in the Middle East fighting the war on terror David resides in The Old North End in Burlington, Vermont