WRUV Summer 2021 Schedule

Hi WRUV listeners! Here is our schedule for this summer. We are incredibly excited that some of our DJs are able to be back in the station doing live shows! We also have a combination of prerecorded and live shows done at home by DJs who are unable to be on campus at the moment.

Thank you so much for listening, and be sure to stay tuned to 90.1 FM Burlington this summer!

11am-noon ‘Not4Prophet Radio’ with Richard Haggerty
2-4pm ‘Dissection Theatre’ with Brad Barrett
4-6pm ‘Everyday Sunshine’ with The Purple Shaman

4-6pm ‘Boricua Van’ with JAH RED
6-8pm ‘Kitchen Sink’ with DJ Leetz and dj duh
8-10pm ‘Cosmic Nonsense’ with dj doger and DJ Milly

9-11am ‘The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa’ with Laima Harmon
6-8pm ‘Lamore Road’ with the Serial Chiller

9-10am ‘#vted Reads’ with DJ Sacarmento
4-6pm Debby Nights
6-8pm ‘The Unexpected Journey’ with Tim Brown
8-10pm ‘The 27 Club’ with Two Sev

12-2am ‘Undercover Lover’ with DJ Sacramento
9-10am Isa Bufano
11am-12pm ‘Moccasin Tracks’ with Deb Reger
6-8pm ‘Streets Ahead’ with The Trill Detective
8-10pm ‘Evolutions in the Otisphere’ with Otisphere

6-9am ‘Buck Dancer’s Choice’ with Corey
4-6pm ‘Black Mountain Radio’ with The Radical Sloth
6-8pm ‘Cultural Bunker’ with Melo Grant
8-10pm ‘Sex Fly’ with Benge

8-10pm ‘Get Fresh with DJ Llu’ with DJ Llu

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July 16th, 2021

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