The Haps

The “haps” is back!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have been around for a while, i’m sure you remember "the haps" – a weekly e-mail from an old station manager that updated you on EB and station happenings, etc. I’ve decided to bring these e-mails back and will send one either every week or twice a month (I’m still deciding what works best, let me know what you think!)

Here is the first edition of "the haps":

– Llu reached out to Bobby from Rough Francis about web design and he is down to help us. I’m going to personally reach out to Eric Olsen as well and hopefully we can get the ball rolling with the new website. Here is a survey I’d like everyone to take so we can work as a community to make the best website possible:

– We would like to make a temporary "web director" position on the EB. This person would work with Jay DiVec and Brian Bittman (+ new web design person) to update the website and will maintain it in it’s beginning stages. If this goes well, we will make the position permanent in the future. If you are interested in being our web director, please e-mail me. We will hold a special election at the November station meeting for this.

– We will not be funding CMJ this year due to budget cuts. Last year, we realized that paying to go to CMJ was not beneficial to the station, so it is not worth the cost. A few EB members will be going on their own accord, paying out of their own pockets, and will gladly bring back any useful information/contacts we make. It will not be officially sponsored by WRUV however. If you will be attending CMJ, let us know and we can rendezvous at the fest!

– DIGITAL ARCHIVING is still on our radar! We are !almost! done labeling our entire CD collection which means the time to rip the CDs into our archiving system is quickly approaching. We are working on getting the system up & running, and will be testing it this week. We’ll keep you updated on that.

– There are three new work study students hanging out at the station: Mary, Karyn and Jonah. If you see them around, say hello! I will be posting their work schedule in the station later today.

– List of places where the logo exists: Please add others you can think of!

Have a great day,

Social Media Director

October 13th, 2014

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