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Hi everyone,

Here are the most recent station updates:

1. DJ potluck cancelled but will be rescheduled! Maybe we can do another pancake breakfast? Keep an eye out for a DJ hang-out event happening before the semester ends.
2. Digital archiving is picking up steam – we are in the process of finding the right program but once that’s figured out (and labeling is finished) we can get started with ripping!
3. Sign-ups will run for ~2 months. They will be posted in a notebook or binder this time, on November 7th. The sign-up period will run from November 21st until January 31st.
4. Show request forms are due January 23rd. The new Spring schedule starts on February 1st.
5. If you’d like to make artwork for the Spring schedule or DJ training, please contact Ruby asap! pr
6. Myself and our web guys are meeting next week with a web designer to see if he can help us create our new website. If you have any leads on other web designers – please let me know!!! We also still need help with the site – if you’d like to be on the web team please contact me asap.
7. The transmitter is still being assessed by Tom. It will be back by the end of the week and he will keep us updated if we need to buy anything for it. For now, the back-up is keeping us together.
8. We figured out that we can do mail-ins for the fundraising drive – we are planning on doing the drive in the Spring and will use mail-ins and the donation website as our primary methods of receiving donations.

Thank you for all of your hard work and patience while we figure out what’s going on with the transmitter!!

Social Media Director

November 5th, 2014

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