WRUV Goes Backstage with Twin Peaks

By: Tate Kamish
December 7th, 2016

fullsizerender-2Photo by: Ayla Stern

Twin Peaks has carried the same, infectious, youthful energy they have been for years, effortlessly transferring it to those around them–despite critics recently describing them as “maturing.”

Cadien, A.K.A. Big Tuna, jokes that the most the band has transformed over the years–aside from adding their fantastic keyboardist, Colin, a few years back–is that he now has a mustache. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery, as they say,” responds Colin, playfully pointing out his own mustache; however, these are not the only changes the group has undergone over the years.

Their latest release, Down in Heaven, stays true to Twin Peaks’ electrifying, rock n’ roll sound, and has a bit more polished and cohesive feel than their previous work. This could be attributed to having recorded it in Massachusetts, which, as Connor puts it, “countrified” the sound. “It was like we were at summer camp. Every day we would be canoeing and looking at birds,” Cadien adds.

fullsizerender-3Photo by: Ayla Stern

This simpler lifestyle resonated–perhaps most–with Clay, who says if he could choose his last meal before death, he would cook himself a bowl of pasta: “I wanna tune into myself right before I go…[pasta is] what’s kept me going all these years.”

Cadien predicts, “That is how you are going to die,” before adding that he, on the other hand, would have an elaborate banquet complete with “succulent steak” and oysters. Hopefully neither of these fateful meals happens any time soon, seeing as the group is currently finishing up their US tour before yet another European run. Although they have an evident passion for touring, it is clear that the boys always love returning home to Chicago, where they’ll play after stopping through Burlington and Albany.

dsc_5841-1psbwsmall_02Photo by: Brittain Shorter

It was clear that the group’s arrival was eagerly anticipated, despite it being their first time in Vermont. Never before had I seen so many people surfing the crowd and hanging from the ceiling at Signal Kitchen. Not only did Twin Peaks live up to everyone’s expectations, they left Burlington wanting more.

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December 7th, 2016

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