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DJ of the Month November 2014: Isa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During my childhood, I decided to become a DJ “when I grow up” after listening to Casey Kasem (who had weekly countdown show on top 40 radio for years), plus music was (and still is) my number one love.  It’s a dream I retained to the end of my teenage years. When I got older, I believed it was unpractical to pursue it, as there are a small number of professional DJs.
I’ve listened to WRUV since childhood. Always knew of the opportunity to train as a DJ at WRUV, but never did because I’m a shy person and was intimidated by the thought of it.
In the spring of 2014, WRUV was the station I was listening to the most. I had nothing exciting planned for the summer. One day, after seeing the ad for summer training on the WRUV website, I thought, ‘maybe I should revive my old dream of becoming a DJ…better late than never’.
The same month that summer training started, Casey Kasem passed away. He remains my number one inspiration for becoming a DJ. Unlike most (mainstream) DJs, he told an interesting story behind the songs and the artists. I try to do that same on my program.
My show is titled Blue Pop. “Blue” represents the mood of the music I usually play. “Pop” represents “pop culture”, because all music types have had some sort of effect on pop culture, past or present.
I play a mix of indie pop, urban, jazz, and international music, of all kinds, both present and past.
It’s quite eclectic. You can hear avant garde jazz, twee pop, hardcore hip-hop, and traditional Brazilian music incorporated on my show.
I have two part-time jobs, one as the social media manager at my family’s car dealership called Earthy Cars on Williston Road, and other as a cashier as a big box hardware store, the one with the orange aprons.
In my spare time, I take pottery classes, read a good book by the waterfront, frequent coffee shops (local and Starbucks), or find something to watch on Netflix or YouTube.

The Serial Chiller

December 1st, 2014

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